Hey,  I'm Cate

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I'm Cate!


Originally from Arizona, I discovered my passion for beauty in the desert and heat. I completed my training at a Vidal Sassoon Academy where I learned precise cutting techniques and soft coloring formulations. My first calling in beauty was to style hair. As I progressed in skill, my passion led me to finding my true interest in hair color and cutting. I was able to pursue my cosmetology education which has allowed me to develop not only my skill set, but also my personal business. Shortly after receiving my Cosmetology license, I decided to chase my dream in a larger and more colorful city... Portland, Oregon. Shortly after moving I completed my two year apprenticeship at a boutique salon in NW Portland. After doing so I found my hair home renting a chair here at Fancy Salon in SE Portland. 


I take my phenomenal clients on a regular basis, but also chase my creative passion for editorial projects, and of course my amazing bridal opportunities when they come my way. I have been in the beauty industry for 8 years now! As an artist I love funky braids with boho curls and rainbow hair. My true passion in this industry is making each individual style come through every head of hair I touch. Being able to help someone coin their own look is an indescribable feeling. Whether it be with a great new cut, electric color, a flawless up-do for your special day, or just a pick me up with fun Goddess Glitter and hair feather installations (If I lost you with the last two, Google them, you will not regret it, and be sure to ask me about it at our appointment), I have you covered!


As a person I love a lot more. I love conversations that can lead to tears of joy. I love loud music that makes everyone dance. I love animals....man do I LOVE animals. (Shoutout to my cat, Iz.)  Of course, food.... more specifically pizza. I love bargain shopping and knowing I made retail shopping a sport in one shopping trip. I love being outside.. like ALOT. I love trying to have a green thumb and growing more plants than I can handle. I love taking pictures, not for the instagram hype, but for the wholesome memory and beauty it can hold in a snap of a picture. Most of all, I love people, I love the privilege of the connection I get to make with each client that ends up in my chair. I love the way we all feel different from just positive words and energy shared. 

Until i see you in my chair, sending love.